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 Rothe' Savoc's new duty.

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PostSubject: Rothe' Savoc's new duty.   Thu May 29, 2008 1:41 am

The Jabress, Li'Neestra Kor'ali, was perusing the wears o the merchant's in the Szith market place when she nearly tripped over the rothe', Savoc. She questioned him a bit about why he was wandering and after receiving sufficient answers and looking him over......she decided that he had to much spare time and decided to test him to see if he would suffice to fill a role.

She took him into the southern caverns and had him show her his various battle training in both martial and ranged weapons and survival. Pleased that he was not only capable, but dexterous as well, she questioned him about his current duties. She then asked him more pointed questions regarding how he felt about spiders and any aversions he may have towards them. Finding once again that is answers were appropriate for the duty she had in mind she lead him back to the cave near the Koríaliís current dwelling. Once inside she lead him to the right of the entrance to a secret chamber the house had warded and hidden. Opening the door to the chamber filled with magical darkness she explained the role that would not take precedence over all current duties. While still performing other duties as needed, his primary role would be to care for a pet of the house(OOC- or Vorne?). Under promise of torture and pain that would make him long for death and a promise that no distance and no rock he may cower under that he would be found; it was explained that he would feed and care for the spider, Gillacha, from this point forward. His life was now secondary to the spiderís life. He would care for her as another deep gnome might care for one of their own younglings and give his life in defense of her if the need should arise.

After confirming that he understood his role and the consequences should he fail, the Death Singer left the rotheí and Gillacha to get acquainted. Pleased that the duty was discharged and that the little runt was properly cowed she returned to the market place.

((OOC- Savoc is a ranger and needed a story/background to go with his pet. Just wanted everyone to know why he may be traveling with a spider should they bump into em. We played it out tonight and the spider should be treated as precious being to the house under Savocís care from here forward.))
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Elghinn Velve
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PostSubject: Re: Rothe' Savoc's new duty.   Fri May 30, 2008 12:19 pm

I think its a great idea!

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PostSubject: Re: Rothe' Savoc's new duty.   Sat Jun 14, 2008 11:10 am

Could you please add this story here as well?:,153.0.html
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PostSubject: Re: Rothe' Savoc's new duty.   

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Rothe' Savoc's new duty.
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