House of Kor'ali
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 *spidery erratic script on a torn off piece of paper*

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PostSubject: *spidery erratic script on a torn off piece of paper*   Sat Aug 02, 2008 1:27 pm

*virak sends Styr to deliver a message to Talice's desk in her office*

Yath'tallar Talice

Korvelas The Slayer Be'dwa, weaponmaster of house dev'lin, accosted me in the tunnels. He told me to deliver a message to the Ilharess and Kor'ali: "My date, my time, her funeral, hope talice is strong for matron as she soon will be" Then usstan taunted him for a few minutes before traveling to the ethereal plane and then returning to the quellar. This may be important xas?
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*spidery erratic script on a torn off piece of paper*
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