House of Kor'ali
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Death Shard


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PostSubject: //Dev'lin   Mon Jul 28, 2008 7:21 pm

//ooc reminder....its stated that dev'lin is a vassel for mori'. attackin a vassel is like attacking the house itself they can take it as an offensive gesture. Also members of any noble house are not just another jaluk and should be refered as dalinuk Dev'lin or dalninil Mori' from our house its just another jaluk or a commoner that you can demand things from. The house dev;lin are mostly all males......but are noble and should be treated as such. But the illharees is the illharess and nobody can break what she does but the valsharess within the rulles of Lloth. But with all the surface things going on the nobles have to stick to gether until the szith is completely organized to war with itself...Ive had a run in myself with a dev'lin that was poor on my part for taking it upon myself to punish him. I was kinda right to punish him but A) im not a illharess B) i used a death spell ment for Kor'ali members only when i should of used inflict wounds C) it should have been brought up with the Ulath'tallar or thier illharess instead of taking it upon myself. Disobeying any ill haress deserves a punish ment for sure but lashing out at them with killer spells insted of a report or a inflict prob aint the right way to go i would say.

my point is that Dev'lin does deserve some credit for being noble. They better do something completly in yer face to get a death spell or other than inflict just to ease tensions in szith. Not only that they are mori's Vassal and full of exceptionaly strong and useful males. Personally i say let the reports pile up till their is a invesigation why thier yathrin dont punsh them. The bolder they grow will lead to thier downfall for they will still always be jst a juluk in Lloths Domain
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PostSubject: Re: //Dev'lin   Wed Jul 30, 2008 12:14 pm

To late for that.

I like soul ooc but in char he attacked the matron.
If I see any its on, we asked for it.
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PostSubject: Re: //Dev'lin   Wed Jul 30, 2008 12:14 pm

// reminder here - even if you are the ilharess of kor'ali, calling any male of Dev'Lin, or any other noble house, juluk is insulting. Even if you snear while saying Jabbuk, that is the word you must use in order to 'save face' and it seems to me, that such insults and 'looking down upon' an elder house is the key to the problems you may have been experiencing.

// secondly, basic house order and advancement tactics, which the Mori are using by pronouncing De'Vlin as vassals, is to befriend the house that cannot be first house due to it majority gender, in order to keep the other houses that want their position in line. should a lower house want to be first house, they need to seek the backing/support of house Dev'Lin. to not do so, is at best, unwise. Dev'Lin cannot be first house, and with that limitation comes advantages as well. being an arse to Dev'Lin will limit lesser house's advancement as mush as Dev'Lin's male dominated gender limits it's advancement.

// please keep in mind that house Dev'Lin provides a much needed aspect to Szith culture by playing the "warrior's house" aka, the house that is put in charge of executing any "war" that the Valsharess of Szith might call into being. Dev'Lin is where the "generals" come from in time of war.

// by offering respect to house Dev'Lin, a house that predates you in Szith by over a year's time in RL, multiple centuries in IC, you will be giving strength to the drow of Szith as a whole, potentially providing you with additional hunting groups as well as possible allies that could be useful to your own desires for advancement.

// casting spells, attacking, and other hostile actions, even should you feel that they are justified within your role play, will only lead to un-needed tension and violence within the drow community. Please think ahead with your role play, and be sure that you are also respecting the RP of the player on the other side, because in rp'n a drow-like response to an insult, some characters will be smarter than others, smile and bow, and then report you for permission to assassinate you. And if you do attack and are repeatedly disrespectful by choice, then please be willing to accept the knife in you back while walking alone in some dark tunnel as well as the server rules regarding scrambled death memories to prevent retaliation for assassination.

// on a side note, other than a few instances that seems to me based in ooc player to player anger, this Dev'Lin has found the members of Kor'ali to be a pleasure to group and role play with. I hope to continue my relationships with the kor'ali in the future, as dalninilen and dalninuken, or as ooc freindly players who pretned to be my 'enemy'

Raye'Kan, Qu'el faeruk d' Dev'Lin
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PostSubject: Re: //Dev'lin   Wed Jul 30, 2008 12:28 pm

Quote :
To late for that.

I like soul ooc but in char he attacked the matron.
If I see any its on, we asked for it.

// Please note that was after your Ilharress attacked me by casting Assay Resistance on my character the moment after he identified that he was from house Dev'Lin

// Later on (next rl day?), then she started buffing up to attack another Dev'Lin (Soul) when she was questioned about the attack against my character (that had been reported). The subject f the next attack stopped her with a non damaging spell, and teleported away without attacking or harming her (I believe he killed an other male Kor'ali who rushed him though, which is understandable).

// The next day, your ilharess then proceeded to attack yet another Dev'Lin I am told, again without violence being returned to her

// These actions indicate IC that your acting illharess wants a house war with Dev'Lin, which is something I don't think the members of Kor'ali, nor the city of Szith, wants to happen. Hopefully, another solution can be found
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PostSubject: Re: //Dev'lin   Wed Jul 30, 2008 5:10 pm

Raye, I think the biggest problem with the current situation is that there is a LOT of ooc threats going on here. I know sol threatened to obliterate our house and permakill all of our characters in a tell to me... which REALLY pisses me off. Its hard to seperate that from IC actions.

Personally I don't understand where all of this is coming from. Until the fight between Sol and Vorne yesterday I hadn't seen a single instance of a dev'lin being attacked. The only inkling I'd had of this problem was Coronel harrassing me (Virak) with a pack of dev'lins surrounding him outside qos. (and I don't care if it was coronel and not a "Dev'lin" giving the specific message, the image was dev'lin threatening kor'ali, or backing up someone threatening kor'ali which is the same thing, think like a drow for crying out loud!)

On the fight with Vorne and Sol, in hindsight I can see where you can say casting a bigby's spell to hold people in place could be considered "not hostile", but at the time, with no time for judgement, and with him killing one of the other folk with us its hard to say "Oh well we should have reacted differently and realized he wasn't trying to kill us" the fact is that most clerics are melee, and if you stop them from meleeing then you can obliterate them from range, so any immobalizing spell is an inherently hostile action.

Personally ICly and OOCly I'd rather this have not happenned, it takes away from a lot of fun time spent on other things, and with the amount of OOC bullshit flying around there are only going to be ooc pissed off people as a result of this mess.

As for respect, I haven't seen any disrespect to house dev'lin. Wait, I'll correct myself, I saw some IC disrespect a couple weeks ago, Naeradil challenged a Dev'lin we met in the tunnels, and got his ass handed to him, and we gave the area to the dev'lin folks (well tried too, mobs ambushed us on the way out and faxs'to and naeradil got to die a few more times lol), and I know myself and talice have backed down from coronel, respectfully, out in the tunnels. So this isn't a case of complete disrespect for Dev'lin.

And respect should go both ways. Like it or not, Kor'ali has been doing a lot lately to further the will of Lloth in Szith. They have several priestesses who carry Lloth's favor, and disrespecting that, no matter how old your house is, is so completely OOC that I don't know how any of yall are justifying it.

Finally on a personal note, don't mix IC actions with what you interpret as OOC actions. I know my main, Virak, treats EVERYONE a little... odd. He's freaking bat-house nuts. So if he isn't offering YOU the respect you feel is due, look at the respect he offers everyone else. Its erratic at best.

Side topic, I think part of this feels like player egos. Ilharesses demand a certain amount of respect, and from what I've seen the rules are VERY lax on what they can get away with as far as "damaging" other house's Jaluk property. Virak has been offed a few times by other house's Ilharesses. If you have a problem with that, then take it up with the server as a whole, don't pick a fight OOCly with Kor'ali because you think males should get more respect.

That's all I got to say on this topic, its eating into time I'd rather spend playing, not ooc arguing.
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Elghinn Velve
Elghinn Velve

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PostSubject: Re: //Dev'lin   Wed Jul 30, 2008 5:17 pm

I understand your concern dude. Let it be known that the target of Vornes frusteration is Solaufien because of 2 reasons

1: The Letter he left at the Kor'ali doorstep threatening to kill off everyone he see's
2: He attacked Vorne with an Offensive spell in the center of Szith, stayed to kill Avuna then ran. Guards would have swarmed him but he ignored them. Using a bigby spell on a matron in full view of the entire city is not smart for a male.

I have screenshots of his OOC harrassment to me (from multiple occasions) and I have sent them to DM Blight who said he would deal with Solaufien OOCly and also gave permission for us to respond in kind ICly. This is that response.

Your character was the only Dev'lin that Vorne has attacked, and shortly after she decided you were more useful alive and well then dead, so she patroled with you and ended up doing business with your wand making skills. I thuroughly enjoy your roleplay and the roleplay of most Dev'lin however I do not enjoy or appreciate the trouble Solaufien causes any time he is in the picture.

Take note, we have recieved the blessings of Mori'hyanda and the temple on the matter of getting ic revenge for the threats and the attack.

Kor'ali are not to just up and kill Dev'lin. They may if one or two of you are alone in the tunnels and give them reason to. Otherwise the hunt itself is to go after Solaufien. If Solaufien is brought to Vorne by Dev'lin then she will call off the "hounds" so-to-speak.

You mentioned that a day after Vorne was attacked in Szith that I attacked another Dev'lin. I would just like to inform you that "the day after" is today and I havent gotten into any pvp today. I did manage to level up Vorne finally, but no pvp.

All in all, I have no OOC problems with anyone from Dev'lin other than Solaufien for obvious reasons. I would like to see both of our houses end up working together in the future, though this situation must be settled first. A meeting with your matron might do wonders. And I do agree that Dev'lin bring a good perspective into Szith, however the ammount of time you have been a house on TFR means little to nothing in the roleplay at hand.

Naeradil Kor'ali: Elghin Velve
Vorne Kor'ali: Acting Ilharess
Viz'aun Kor'ali: Lost in the Mist.
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PostSubject: Re: //Dev'lin   

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