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 Avuna Requests to join

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PostSubject: Avuna Requests to join   Mon Jul 21, 2008 8:04 am

I have been playing drow since day 1 of the server go live.
I am a bit heavy on the drow language. Though Ill usually talk like
NullFay was my first Matron and I wanted to follow Korand here.
I play a male subserviant, speak to males only and females only when spoken to.

Drow words here*english trnaslation here.
Usstan Nau talanth Rivven*I don't speak common

The only reason I would leave woudl be due to over-heavy balance on the server (If we became the prodominant house where noone else could compete, I would leave to help balance the server).
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Elghinn Velve
Elghinn Velve

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PostSubject: Re: Avuna Requests to join   Mon Jul 21, 2008 4:24 pm

Alright, speak with a Kor'ali member in game and have them direct you to Vorne.

Naeradil Kor'ali: Elghin Velve
Vorne Kor'ali: Acting Ilharess
Viz'aun Kor'ali: Lost in the Mist.
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Avuna Requests to join
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